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What is Epiphany?

  • Epiphany is a non-denominational Christian ministry for young men and women who are troubled and/or are in the custody of Juvenile Justice Facilities.
  • Epiphany offers a three day short course in Christianity with on-going follow-up to incarcerated youth.
  • Our purpose is to manifest God’s Love to incarcerated young people.  Each Epiphany event involves a team of adults from the Christian community who work together to show the Love of God to those attending.
  • The word "Epiphany" is a Greek word that means appearance or manifestation.  The coming of the Magi marks the time when God is manifested on Earth to the entire world through Jesus Christ.
  • Epiphany inspires, challenges and prepares participants for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, allowing them to feel the gift of His love and the presence of His grace.
  • Participants will explore deep questions about where their faith is right now and what steps they want to take to deepen it.
  • Guys and girls attend separate Epiphany Events, and discussion groups are typically arranged in young people of similar ages.


Sponsorship is the most important service in the Emmaus movement – but what's important – is we do it with excellence.

Sponsorship Training

If you are interested in sponsoring an adult on one of our upcoming Emmaus Walks, one of the first steps you will need to take is to attend one of our sponsorship training sessions.

Our hope through this training is to help make this experience as consistent for you and your pilgrim as possible and to help answer all of the questions you might have about what to anticipate. You can find all of our upcoming sponsorship training sessions listed at the link above.

Visit the link below to learn more about Sponsorship and how we can help you fulfill a commitment to sponsor someone on our next Emmaus Walk!


When it comes to serving, it takes many, many servants to operate just one of our Epiphany Events – so we would be excited to help you find a place to help us serve an Epiphany weekend.

The 72 hour prayer vigil

We ask that you faithfully consider praying for our next Epiphany Event by participating in the 72 hour prayer vigil during our weekend together. Visit the link above to get more information about our most important act of service.

Connecting with us

The Epiphany community is made up of members from those who have gone before us on the "Walk to Emmaus" as well as those who have experienced a "Chrysalis" or an "Epiphany" weekend.

If you have been through an Epiphany weekend, either as a star or as a member of one of our teams, we invite you to be part of the "Epiphany Ministry of North Carolina" facebook group where we hope you can stay connected and help us promote and support our upcoming Epiphany Events.