serving an emmaus weekend


We are very excited you are here to help us serve an Emmaus weekend! You will find most of our opportunities to serve linked above, but as you begin to get involved, there are even more ways that God may ask to use your gifts and talents beneath what you were exposed to on your own Chrysalis or Emmaus weekend.

  1. Before serving, we ask that you pray for God to lead your heart into a spirit of servanthood. Please pursue wherever God is leading you, even before taking on any acts of service for the Emmaus community.
  2. If presented with a choice between attending an event at your church and an event for Emmaus, please choose your church. Emmaus is not your church; always put your local church above any service that you offer the Emmaus community.
  3. We ask that every member of our community begin their first acts of service by stepping into one of many important background roles. These include serving meals, taking part in the 72 hour prayer vigil, providing agape in many forms, helping to set-up, attend, or helping to clean-up Gatherings, Send-off, Saturday night worship services and Closings, and most importantly, sponsoring Pilgrims.
  4. It is essential that you take part in as many of the background roles listed above as you can. This will give you the experience that we feel is necessary to serve effectively in your role on any one of our Emmaus Walk teams in the future.

Prospective adult team members should meet the following criteria:

  • Has attended an Emmaus or similar 3-day weekend event
  • Active in their local church
  • Active in a reunion group
  • Attends Emmaus gatherings
  • Has shown a heart of service behind the scenes for at least one set of Walks or Flights.