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Hosting a Chrysalis Flight

There are many local churches throughout the greater Charlotte area that rotate and allow Chrysalis to use their facilities. The Chrysalis community and our Flights depend on these churches to host our Chrysalis weekends and we are very grateful for their offering.

During a Chrysalis weekend, we do ask that we have a certain amount of exclusive access while we occupy your facility. This is both to respect the privacy nature of the discussions that will take place and to build a closeness among our participants that is shared but not meant to be viewed by spectators.

The logistics of a Chrysalis Flight also requires that we have a certain minimum amount of space for the varying events that will take place at different times over the weekend. Below is a list that outlines each of these needs according to our own minimum recommendations for a Chrysalis Flight to feel comfortable enough for a successful weekend. If you're church might be willing to host a Chrysalis Flight and if you think your facility could meet our list of needs below, then we would love to hear from you!

In order to host a Chrysalis Flight, this is a description of our minimum space requirements:

  • Conference room: the primary room we will meet in, large enough for about 4-6 large round tables plus another set of 3 standard rectangle tables along a back-wall area, and space for a podium or lectern. Needed from Thursday evening through Sunday at 2:45pm.
  • A medium-large sanctuary or chapel, enough for about 100-200 people for us to occupy on Sunday from 3:45pm until about 8pm.
  • More details to come...