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Thank you for taking the time to complete the sponsors form. The information that you provide about the applicant is meant to be private and will remain confidential from the youth person you are sponsoring. Please note that optional fields are marked with an asterisk.

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As a sponsor (the person filling out this online document), you are agreeing to commit yourself to all of the responsibilities that a sponsor must do as described in the sponsorship section of this website. By placing your full legal name in the box above and by dating this online form; you are authorizing that you have permission from your caterpillar and their legal parent or guardian to sponsor their youth to attend one of the upcoming Chrysalis Flights; and that they have agreed prior to filling out this online document.

Thank you! Your Sponsor's form has been received!

We just sent you an email that details everything you need to know about sponsoring your caterpillar. Due to some of the surprises that happen over the Chrysalis weekend, we are emailing you this complete list of information instead of posting it on our website so that we can preserve certain elements of surprise for your caterpillar. Please allow this email to serve as your sponsor's guide between now and the next Chrysalis weekend.

We also just sent your caterpillar an email to let them know that you have just submitted your Sponsor's form and to ask that they visit our website and fill out the online "Flight application" (in case they have not done so already). After we review their application, we will contact you for everything else that we will need, so that your caterpillar doesn't have to anticipate - just participate!

Your "Next Steps" are to be familiar with all of the information provided to you in the email that was mentioned above and to find out when our next Sponsorship training will be – and we hope you'll plan to join us!

Central Carolinas Chrysalis
Attention: Registrar

PO Box 680003

Charlotte, NC 28216

We look forward to working with you and are very excited to have your caterpillar join us on our next Chrysalis weekend!
Fly with Christ!

- The Central Carolinas Chrysalis Board

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