Serving as a sponsor

Sponsoring a pilgrim

The Central Carolinas Emmaus Community lists the obligations below in order to successfully sponsor a pilgrim. Keep in mind that an Emmaus weekend is for those who are currently active in their local church.

As a sponsor, please review the following list of responsibilities to ensure that you can fulfill this commitment. Then, once you have completed the sponsors form, you will receive an email from us outlining each of these reponsibilities in even greater detail:


  1. Fill out the online Sponsors Form
  2. Attend a Sponsorship Training
  3. Pray and enlist prayer support from family, friends and their pastor
  4. Invite your pilgrim to Emmaus, share your experience and ask them to fill out their Walk Application
  5. Assist us in getting the online Reference Form filled out and sent in by a pastor or member of the clergy, a church staff member, a counselor, or a teacher who knows the candidate(s) sufficiently
  6. Help us get the online Pilgrim Confirmation form filled out - only one applicant per set of pilgrims is asked to fill this out within 30 days of the next set of Emmaus walks
  7. Help with specific agape before their Walk to Emmaus weekend
  8. Answer any questions or concerns that your pilgrim and/or their spouse or significant other may have


  1. Send-off and the sponsors hour service
  2. Our Saturday evening service
  3. Closing

Fourth days & next steps

Encourage and assist them with the following:

  1. Staying in contact with your pilgrim
  2. Setting up an appointment with their pastor
  3. Getting more involved in their church or fellowship groups
  4. Getting involved in a reunion group
  5. Attending our Emmaus gatherings
  6. Sponsoring someone or serving on a future Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend

De Colores!

It is very important that sponsors assume all of these responsibilities or that you enlist the assistance of other members from our community to help fulfill each of these steps. Thank you, again, for considering this responsibility! We look forward to working with you toward this great experience for your pilgrim and to your success during this wonderful sponsorship opportunity. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of our board members listed on our website.

Next steps

As you prayerfully consider this special opportunity to step into sponsorship, please also consider taking the next step and filling out our Sponsor's form. Sending in the sponsor's form will let us know who you are thinking of sponsoring and will serve as a way to make contact with your pilgrim, and their pastor about attending our next set of Emmaus weekends!