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Thank you for taking the time to complete the sponsors form. The information that you provide about your applicant(s) will be kept private and will remain confidential from the pilgrim(s) you are sponsoring. Please note that optional fields are marked with an asterisk.

Please fill out this form once for every set of pilgrims you are sponsoring. A "set" is considered to be "one couple" OR "one single applicant" which is the case if you are sponsoring an applicant who has no spouse or significant other who will also be attending the Walk to Emmaus.

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Please note that all further notifications regarding your candidate(s) will be sent to the email address you provided above unless 1) you inform the registrar of a new email address or 2) you would prefer to be notified via snail mail. Please indicate this choice below.

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Please note that both spouses are expected to attend the Walk to Emmaus. In the event that one spouse does NOT wish to attend, you must approach the couple again after a minimum six month period from first contact to ascertain whether the spouse has changed his/her decision.

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As a sponsor (the person filling out this online document), you are agreeing to commit yourself to all of the responsibilities that a sponsor must do as described in the sponsorship section of this website. By placing your full legal name in the box above and by dating this online form; you are authorizing that you have permission from the applicants mentioned above to sponsor them on one of the upcoming Emmaus Walks; and that they have agreed prior to filling out this online document.

Central Carolinas Emmaus
Attention: Registrar

c/o St. Stephen UMC

6800 Sardis Road

Charlotte, NC 28270

We look forward to working with you and are very excited to have your pilgrim(s) join us on our next Emmaus weekend!
De Colores!

- The Central Carolinas Emmaus Board

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